Regions Served in New York State

In 2017, Audacia was certified as a Workforce Investment Organization (WIO) for five regions in New York State. Regions serviced are the Central Region, Long Island Region, North East Region, New York City Region, and Western Region.

Our Commitment

Audacia is committed to helping health care organizations achieve the goals of the Workforce Investment Program—providing high-quality care for medically under-served, culturally diverse populations through a sufficient number of well-trained, well-retained health care workers. Armed with more training and education, workers in long term care will provide earlier intervention for those receiving care, allowing them to stay in their homes longer and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations, leading to improved quality of life and an overall reduction in costs.

Our Experience

With years of experience in health care education, Audacia has crafted training courses for health care workers. Audacia also provides fully customizable programs to meet the specific educational needs of an organization’s workforce. With a diverse workforce in mind, courses are crafted to reach a variety of learning styles and prior educational levels. Workers will be trained through cutting-edge mechanisms—online modules, virtual reality (VR) simulation, and hands-on simulation learning labs that feature computerized mannequins and guidance from trained RN staff.

Contact Us

For more information or to begin working with Audacia, call 1-212-425-5050.